Skyhawk Club

The Skyhawk Club is UT Martin's official organization for generating private financial support to our athletic programs.  All funds are managed through the Athletic Development Coordinator in accordance with the University's official policies and procedures and approved Skyhawk Club guidelines.  Contributions through the Skyhawk Club help expand scholarship opportunities for student-athletes, maintain and improve physical facilities, provide academic support programming, and many other resources necessary to help our teams compete in the Ohio Valley Conference.

Skyhawk Club members are represented by a board of directors which includes members of the athletics staff as well as off-campus Skyhawk Club members.  This board meets twice each year to advise the Chancellor and the Director of Athletics on matters involving fund-raising issues and initiatives.  Contributions through the Skyhawk Club can be made to intercollegiate athletics in general, or may be restricted to a specific sport or program.  Documentation is maintained to ensure that all donor's contributions benefit their designated program.  Annual giving through the Skyhawk Club currently exceeds $300,000. This represents contributions from over 300 active Skyhawk Club members who are helping to give our student-athletes the best opportunity to succeed!

Skyhawk Club Levels of Giving

Hawk's Eye View Newsletter
Skyhawk Club License Plate
Skyhawk Gift
Reserved Parking

Hawk's Eye View Newsletter
Skyhawk Club Hospitality Room Pass
Skyhawk Club License Plate
Skyhawk Gift
Reserved Parking

$1000 & Up (Captain's Club)
Hawk's Eye View Newsletter
Skyhawk Club License Plate
Captain's Club Gift Gift
Premium Parking
Skyhawk Gift
Autographed Team Photo (by request)

For more information on the Skyhawk Club and Skyhawk Club benefits, please contact Jason Hudson at 731-881-7664 or

Skyhawk Club Board of Directors 2010-11
President:  Art Sparks
Vice President and President Elect:  
Secretary/Treasurer:  Jason Hudson, Athletic Development Coordinator/UTM

Bob Carroll
Cathy Dunagan
Bettye Giles
Darryl Gresham
Nell Gullett
David Hart
Trevor Hurst
Mike Jinkins

Sam Lewallen
Desiree McCullough
David Meisner
Harald Melson
David Murphy
Dale Overton
Dee Pritchett
Mike Swaim

Chancellor Tom Rakes
Phil Dane
Danelle Fabianich

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March 2010