Baseball Prospect Camp

2015 Prospect Camp Dates

August 29-30   and/or   October 31-November 1


Saturday 10:00-5:00    The players will be coached and then perform the learned skills in a professional style workout.  The camp will provide instruction in all areas of baseball mechanics and game situations.  Coaches from various levels of play (Div. I, II, III, NAIA, and/or Junior College) will be on the field coaching and observing players.

Saturday Night 7:00-9:00   Recruiting forum for parents and players.  A panel of 6 coaches from each division will answer all your recruiting questions.

Sunday:   Game times will be posted on Saturday.  All players will also play in one game.  This gives coaches an opportunity to further observe and instruct each player in live playing situations.  This allows all college coaches in attendance to determine how each player compares to their college players on their college team.

All events take place on ONE field for all players so that all players receive equal opportunity with all coaches present.

For a list of college programs attending the August Prospect Camp please email

Fee:  $249 / Player


For more information and to Register Online:    


Phone:  706-897-2363


Frequently Asked Questions / Answers (scroll down):

Weekend Schedule:  All players will receive a detailed schedule at check in.  Small changes could be made, different from what you read on your confirmation letter, if necessary.

Check in on Saturday morning:  10 am.  Nobody can check in early so it is not to your advantage to arrive much earlier than the posted check in time.  Players should be fully dressed when they report for check in, except cleats, and ready to report directly to the field.  They should carry their gear bag with them to the check in area.   PARENTS SHOULD COME TO CHECK IN WITH THEIR PLAYER AND STAY FOR THE OPENING WELCOME AND INSTRUCTIONS.

On Saturday or Sunday all players play in one game.  The game schedule is posted at check in and also distributed with the weekend schedule the players receive at check in.  Parents can pick up a copy of all schedules at the stadium after check in and welcome/opening instructions.

What if my player is Pitch Only?   Players who are Pitch Only players can throw in the bull pen on Saturday if desired.  However, the pitching slots for games have been reserved specifically for the pitch only players.  There is also pitching instruction all day Saturday and a pitching arm care segment for all pitchers, both primary and secondary, and their parents on the schedule for Saturday evening, just prior to the Recruiting Forum. Specific time will be listed on schedule received at check in.

What is the registration deadline?  There is no set dealine. There are limited number of openings for each position.  When positions are full, a waiting list in each position is started.  When the waiting list is full, submitted registrations are returned.  Registration closes @ 5 pm the Friday night before the camp starts.

How do I know if my registration form was received @ the UTM camp office?

ONLINE REGISTRANTS will receive an immediate confirmation email.  THIS EMAIL IS VERY IMPORTANT!  If you do not see it please check your junk/spam box.  IT WILL CONTAIN LINKS TO FORMS YOU NEED TO COMPLETE

Mail in registration:  all players will receive a confirmation letter at all email(s) provided on their registration form.  It will have a confirmation letter attached and the REQUIRED Medical Release form.

Can we view a list of colleges attending?  In August and again in October a list of Colleges planning to attend (that have been double confirmed) will be available by request by emailing

IMPORTANT!  If you have a list of schools that your player is especially interested in and want to know if they are plannig to attend a showcase camp prior to the list being made available on this website, it is in your best interest to contact each program's baseball coaching staff directly via phone, letter or email.

What should I bring?  Each player is responsible for his own personal baseball gear.  Players should bring a glove, cleats, baseball pants (any color), and any position specific gear such as catching equipment.  Players may also prefer to bring their own bat and helmet.

A jersey will be provided upon check in that should be worn for both days of the showcase camp.

Are meals included in the price of the showcase camp?

Lunch:   There is a lunch rotation on the schedule for all teams.  The concession stand will be open serving sandwiches, drinks and snacks.  We will be prepared to serve players during their lunch rotation.  We do ask parents to wait to eat until all teams have rotated thru the lunch rotation.  Please do not join your player in line to purchase your lunch at the same time.

Hotel Information is provided on your confirmation letter.  A confirmation letter is emailed to each player IMMEDIATELY after their ONLINE completed registration is received.  MAIL IN REGISTRATION  Typically it takes 2-3 weeks from the time you mail the registration form until you receive your confirmation letter via email.  Lodging is not included in the camp fee.

Brothers and Multi-Camp Discounts:  Available for brothers, multiple camp registration of the same player.  Online registration will walk you thru the process and apply the discount.

Is there a team discount available?  Yes.  Email  or  Call 706-897-2363 for details.  Please do not proceed with team plans prior to contacting us.

Can I Register by Mail?   Yes.  Print the Information Flyer / Registration form available by clicking this LINK

Inclement Weather:  In the case of mild - moderate weather conditions the showcase camp will proceed with small adjustments to the schedule as necessary.  In the case of severe weather conditions an alternate date will be scheduled and all showcase camp participants will be notified.

Is this a wooden bat or metal bat event?  Metal / Aluminum

What if I cannot download the mail in registration form?   If you cannot download, view or print the information flyer / mail in registration form, send an email requsting a form by providing your mailing address, fax number or email address.  Request email:

I have to cancel.  What should I do?  Please email in a cancellation request.  Partial refunds are available through the Tuesday before your showcase camp date.  Partial refunds are in teh amount of $149 no matter what the reason for cancellation.  See Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy.

On-Site RegistrationNO on-site registration is permitted the morning of the prospect camp.

Cancellation / Refund Policy:  Cancellation refunds, for any/all reasons, are in teh amount of $149.  No refund is issued for cancellations, for any/all reasons, after the Tuesday before your showcase camp date.

What is the "waiting list"?  All positions have a predetermined number of players placed on the roster for each showcase camp.  If your primary position is full when you send your registration form you are placed on the waiting list but players must submit a completed registration form and complete credit card payment information to be placed on the waiting list.

If you have questions that were not answered here please email