Cheer Tryouts

Skyhawk Cheerleading

2016-2017 Tryouts
April 29-30, 2016
Small Co-Ed Tryouts

April 29, 2016 Friday
5:30-6:00 Registration
6:00-8:30 Session 1

April 30, 2016 Saturday

12:30-3:00 Session 2 Cheer

12:30-3:00 Mascot Session

3:00-4:00 Break

4:00-6:30 Final Tryout Session



OPEN Practice:   April 12th, 7-9 pm (Elam Basketball Arena)


All tryouts will be held in the Skyhawk Fieldhouse Volleyball Court.
Attention: Everyone must sign a waiver to tryout.

There is a 20 Dollar try-out fee. Cash or Check made out to UTM Cheer.



Please be aware this is an important part of the selection process. You should be "game ready" at all times throughout the weekend.

Ladies- We ask that you have game make up on at all times and have your hair styled as if you were at a game, half up half down. You may wear bows if you like. NO Jewelry during tryouts.

Gentlemen- You need to look presentable and facial hair trimmed. NO jewelry during tryouts.

Ladies: T-shirts, cheer shorts, white socks, and cheer shoes are acceptable.

Gentlemen: T-shirts, gym shorts, athletic socks, and shoes are required.

Please be tasteful in your selections. Wearing other university/college logos is NOT recommended. We are asking that everyone wear orange, white, navy or gray.

*NO HATS. Shoes must be worn at all times during the selection weekend.



Female Candidates - Each candidate must demonstrate some tumbling background.  

We will be looking for:

·         Standing back handspring

·         Standing back tuck

·         Standing two to tuck

·         Toe touch/back handspring

·         Toe touch/back tuck


Male Candidates- It is recommended that each candidate perform a standing tuck.

We would like to see all males execute at least one other tumbling pass other than the required standing back tuck.


Female Candidates - All female candidates must show some sort of tumbling background.

We will be looking for:

•         Round off, back handspring

•         Round off, tuck

•         Round off, back handspring, tuck

•         Round off, back handspring, layout

We will ask to see at least two tumbling passes. You may choose to show your best tumbling skills at this time. We ask that you choose tumbling passes that will make you competitive against the other candidates.

Male Candidates - We encourage all male candidates to perform as much tumbling as possible. We would like to see a round off, back handspring, tuck.

* All tumbling needs to be performed without a spotter.



This is required for all candidates. The fight song will include standing tumbling and must be performed throughout the season and should be able to be performed on both the football field and basketball court. Please be sure that this is an area of concentration for you while doing motions.



Candidates will be asked to perform a sideline chant over the duration of tryouts.

Material should be executed in a collegiate manner, conducive to college athletics. Excessive facials, arm waving, and wide motions are not encouraged.

Candidates should be prepared to use poms, signs and megs during this section of the selection process.

Megs are to be used by gentlemen only.

Poms are to be used by ladies only.




We will be looking for the following stunts throughout the selection process -
1. Toss chair
2. Toss hands
3.Toss extension

4. Toss platform stretch

5. Toss lib


We will be looking for the following stunts throughout the selection process -
1. Thigh toss hands
2. Thigh toss extension
3. Thigh toss platform stretch

4. Thigh toss lib

We are looking for candidates that display the ability to perform at more than one position. Being as versatile as possible with stunting is recommended.

Be prepared to move around in groups and to perform more than one base position if asked. We are looking for strength, technique and core awareness in stunting technique from each candidate.

General Information

Actual tryout scores will not be made public. Names of persons selected for the squad will be posted 30 mins after tryouts.

If the Cheer Coaches sees that a reduction in candidates should be made during tryout session, a cut may be made at any time.

If it is needed a special tryout could be conducted later in the year.


Eligibility Rules

Cheerleaders shall:
Maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average
Be enrolled as a UTM student during both semesters in the year of competition
Remain in good disciplinary standing with the University
Transfer students must have a 2.5 GPA
Incoming students who are selected but have NOT been accepted to UTM will have until June 2, 2016, to be accepted. If you are experiencing difficulties, please let the Cheer Coaches know.



Tuition assistance will be available for varsity cheer squad members.


Practices are mandatory. Practice times will be set later. We will practice at least 3 times per week and more if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact James Woody at (931) 384-0010 or email at  Jessica Woody (423) 608-0663 or email We are always looking for new talent and people who are spirited and love to cheer. Don't miss out on being on the Skyhawk Cheer Squad!