4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Tennessee Tech vs. UT Martin
  Date: Oct 09, 2014 • Site: Martin, Tenn.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
 Drive: 8 plays, 30 yards, TOP 4:00
Utm 4-19on Ttu45End of game, clock 00:00.
Utm 3-14on Ttu40TEAM rush for loss of 5 yards to the TTU45.
Utm 2-9on Ttu35TEAM rush for loss of 5 yards to the TTU40.
Utm 2-9on Ttu35Timeout UT Martin, clock 01:05.
Utm 1-10on Ttu36GARLAND, Trent rush for 1 yard to the TTU35 (RUDWALL, Jay).
Utm 3-8on Ttu46NEAL, Jarod pass incomplete to KERRICK, Kyle, PENALTY TTU holding (HALL, Maleek) 10 yards to the TTU36, 1ST DOWN UTM, NO PLAY.
Utm 3-8on Ttu46Timeout Tennessee Tech, clock 01:57.
Utm 2-7on Ttu45GARLAND, Trent rush for loss of 1 yard to the TTU46 (ROLLINS, Terrell).
Utm 2-7on Ttu45Timeout Tennessee Tech, clock 02:03.
Utm 1-10on Ttu48GARLAND, Trent rush for 3 yards to the TTU45 (THOMPSON, Trey).
Utm 2-9on Utm41NEAL, Jarod rush for 11 yards to the TTU48, 1ST DOWN UTM (RUDWALL, Jay;ROBINSON-WHITE,Kevin).
Utm 1-10on Utm40GARLAND, Trent rush for 1 yard to the UTM41 (WEBBER, Cory;RUDWALL, Jay).
Utm 1-10on Utm25NEAL, Jarod pass complete to KERRICK, Kyle for 15 yards to the UTM40, 1ST DOWN UTM (HUGUELY, James;TALLANT, Austin).
Utm 1-10on Utm25UT MARTIN drive start at 04:00.
SHARP, Zach kickoff 65 yards to the UTM0, touchback.
 Drive: 8 plays, 68 yards, TOP 2:20
UT Martin 17, Tennessee Tech 10
ARNOLD, John kick attempt good.
Ttu 1-Gon Utm02VANLIER, Ladarius rush for 2 yards to the UTM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:00.
Ttu 3-Gon Utm08STONE, Darian pass incomplete to MATTHEWS, Cody, PENALTY UTM pass interference (LANDRY, Jordan) 6 yards to the UTM2, 1ST DOWN TTU, NO PLAY.
Ttu 3-Gon Utm08Timeout Tennessee Tech, clock 04:09.
Ttu 2-Gon Utm08STONE, Darian pass incomplete to HARRELL, Tyler.
Ttu 1-Gon Utm08STONE, Darian pass incomplete to MATTHEWS, Cody.
Ttu 2-11on Utm32STONE, Darian pass complete to MATTHEWS, Cody for 24 yards to the UTM8, 1ST DOWN TTU, out-of-bounds (LANDRY, Jordan).
Ttu 1-10on Utm31VANLIER, Ladarius rush for loss of 1 yard to the UTM32 (DANCE, Nick;BELL, Tony).
Players have returned to the field, 10 min warmup has begun.
Game suspended due to lightning in the area at 9:05 p.m. (5:11 4th Q)
Ttu 2-2on Utm42STONE, Darian pass complete to McCOIN, Brock for 11 yards to the UTM31, 1ST DOWN TTU.
Ttu 1-10on Ttu50STONE, Darian rush for 8 yards to the UTM42 (BELL, Tony).
Ttu 1-10on Ttu32STONE, Darian pass complete to HARRELL, Tyler for 18 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN TTU, out-of-bounds (EVANS, Walter).
Ttu 1-10on Ttu32TENNESSEE TECH drive start at 06:20.
REDDITT, Jackson kickoff 33 yards to the TTU32, McKINNEY, Isaiah return 0 yards to the TTU32.
 Drive: 7 plays, 83 yards, TOP 3:34
UT Martin 17, Tennessee Tech 3
Utm 4-Gon Ttu07REDDITT, Jackson field goal attempt from 23 GOOD, clock 06:20.
Utm 4-Gon Ttu02PENALTY UTM delay of game 5 yards to the TTU7.
Utm 3-Gon Ttu04NEAL, Jarod pass complete to TOURE, Abou for 2 yards to the TTU2 (HUGUELY, James;LEE, Lanier).
Utm 3-Gon Ttu04Timeout UT Martin, clock 07:18.
Utm 2-Gon Ttu04TOURE, Abou rush for no gain to the TTU4 (JONES, Marty;TALLANT, Austin).
Utm 2-Gon Ttu04Timeout UT Martin, clock 08:03.
Utm 1-Gon Ttu06TOURE, Abou rush for 2 yards to the TTU4 (RUDWALL, Jay).
Utm 1-10on Utm48TOURE, Abou rush for 46 yards to the TTU6, 1ST DOWN UTM (HUGUELY, James).
Utm 1-10on Utm481st and 10.
Utm 1-10on Utm27TOURE, Abou rush for 6 yards to the UTM33 (RUDWALL, Jay;JONES, Marty), PENALTY TTU personal foul (THOMPSON, Trey) 15 yards to the UTM48, 1ST DOWN UTM.
Utm 1-10on Utm10TOURE, Abou rush for 17 yards to the UTM27, 1ST DOWN UTM (BROWN, DaJuan;TALLANT, Austin).
Utm 1-10on Utm10UT MARTIN drive start at 09:54.
 Drive: 5 plays, 40 yards, TOP 2:10
Ttu 1-10on Utm46STONE, Darian pass intercepted by WHITE, Jaquille at the UTM10, WHITE, Jaquille return 0 yards to the UTM10.
Ttu 1-10on Ttu26STONE, Darian rush for 28 yards to the UTM46, 1ST DOWN TTU (CARLTON, Leon;HAGENS, Kahlid).
Ttu 3-8on Ttu16STONE, Darian pass complete to McCOIN, Brock for 10 yards to the TTU26, 1ST DOWN TTU (LANDRY, Jordan).
Ttu 2-9on Ttu15JACKSON, Cooper rush for 1 yard to the TTU16 (DANCE, Nick;BELL, Tony).
Ttu 1-15on Ttu09JACKSON, Cooper rush for 6 yards to the TTU15 (DANCE, Nick).
Ttu 1-10on Ttu14PENALTY TTU false start (CHATMON, William) 5 yards to the TTU9.
Ttu 1-10on Ttu14TENNESSEE TECH drive start at 12:04.
 Drive: 4 plays, 6 yards, TOP 2:41
Utm 4-1on Utm45SATTERFIELD, James punt 41 yards to the TTU14, downed.
Utm 3-4on Utm42NEAL, Jarod pass complete to STEWART, Matt for 3 yards to the UTM45 (WEBBER, Cory;HALL, Maleek).
Utm 2-2on Utm44FAIR, Ladevin rush for loss of 2 yards to the UTM42 (ROLLINS, Terrell).
Utm 1-10on Utm36NEAL, Jarod rush for 8 yards to the UTM44 (THOMPSON, Trey;TALLANT, Austin).
Utm 1-13on Utm361st and 10.
Utm 1-10on Utm39NEAL, Jarod pass complete to FAIR, Ladevin for 12 yards to the TTU49 (RUDWALL, Jay), PENALTY UTM personal foul (VAUGHN, Dominique) 15 yards to the UTM36.
Utm 1-10on Utm39UT MARTIN drive start at 14:45.
 Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 1:13
Ttu 4-8on Ttu27KING, Jonathan punt 34 yards to the UTM39, out-of-bounds.
Ttu 3-8on Ttu27STONE, Darian pass incomplete, QB hurry by JONES, Keith.
Ttu 3-8on Ttu27Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.