UT Martin Athletic Facilities

Kathleen and Tom Elam Center

The University of Tennessee at Martin men's and women's basketball teams play all of their home games in Skyhawk Arena. Skyhawk Arena is part of the Kathleen and Tom Elam Center, a facility that surpasses those of equal-sized universities. The nearly 7,000-seat arena is also home to UT Martin's summer basketball camps.

The air-conditioned facility has more than 145,000 square feet of space. The arena area alone has 48,000 square feet of Bursaturf. The bleachers on every side of the arena are movable and allow room for six regulation basketball courts and 15 badminton courts.

The Elam Center was named in honor of long-time UT Trustee Col. Tom Elam and his wife, Kathleen. A graduate of UT and a native of Union City, Col. Elam supported UT Martin athletics for a number of years.

The Skyhawks have a first-class locker room and team rooms in the Elam Center and a modern weight room.

Hardy M. Graham Stadium

The Skyhawks play their home games in Hardy M. Graham Stadium, located on the northeast portion of the campus.

The stadium was named in honor of the long-time donor and supporter of the university. Graham's financial contributions to the university have exceeded $1 million over the past 31 years.

The stadium accommodates about 8,000 fans with nearly 1,900 of the seats chairback. About 1,200 of these seats are located on the east side. There are 400 chairback seats on the west side.

There are berms located on the south end of the end zone to give the stadium a bowled look. Also trees, hedges, and walkways located on the inside and outside of the stadium add greatly to the appearance.

The stadium press box consists of the first floor which accommodates the working media. The press box extensions on the south side houses the visiting radio and coaches while on the north end the Skyhawk Radio Network and broadcast crew for WLJT-TV have booths.

The second level houses the public address announcer and scoreboard operator. Chancellor Tom Rakes also has a box complete with theater type seats where he can entertain 25 guests. The Skyhawk coaches also have their booth on the second level.

Filming decks are on the outside of the second level.

The renovation of Graham Stadium was made possible through a combination of state funding and a stadium drive from private gifts. The State of Tennessee in 1985 provided funding to construct an ROTC facility on the east side. With the assistance of alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, $350,000 was contributed to install the chairback seats, complete restroom and concession facilities on the east side, improve the west side seating, and enlarge the press box.

Bob Carroll Football Building

This facility serves as the home of the Skyhawk football team. The 17,000 square-foot facility is located in the south end zone of Graham Stadium and has office space for all football personnel, meeting rooms, a locker room, a training room, equipment room and a multi-purpose room with a glass wall overlooking the field. Funding for this building came primarily from private donations through the "Building For the Future" campaign. The building is named in honor of coach Bob Carroll.

Skyhawk Park

The Skyhawk Baseball/Softball Fieldhouse is a 7,000-square-foot building for the Skyhawks baseball and softball programs. The building is located at the west end of Pat Summitt Drive on the north side (the baseball side) of the street. Click here for map The Athletic Fieldhouse includes offices, equipment storage, locker rooms, showers, team meeting space, and laundry facilities for both baseball and softball programs. In addition, the east end of the building includes public restrooms and a concession stand. Click here for floor plan The project includes a limited amount of new parking, an entry feature for Skyhawk Park and additional perimeter fencing. Both fields now have lighting and new grandstands.

Bettye Giles Field

In 1996, the Skyhawks enjoyed their first season of softball at their new on-campus facility, Bettye Giles Field.

Dedicated on April 13, 1996, this facility is one of the latest projects for Ms. Giles, who has been a part of the UT Martin faculty since 1952. She was a driving force behind almost every program relating to women's athletics at UT Martin today. She served as director of athletics for 25 years and is one of the reasons why UT Martin is recognized as one of the pioneers for women's intercollegiate athletics.

The current field meets specifications for hosting NCAA Tournaments. It is 190 feet down each line and 220 feet to centerfield. During the spring of 2001, the skyhawks welcomed the addition of a new building which will house the press box and a concession stand.

Skyhawk Baseball Field

The Skyhawk baseball team plays its home games at Skyhawk Field, a park constructed on the southwest portion of the UT Martin campus.

The present site was completed in 1974, but the park has received renovations in the past years. The dimensions of the Skyhawk Field are 330 feet down the lines, 365 to the power alleys and 385 to straightaway center.

Varsity Courts

The University of Tennessee at Martin tennis team plays its home matches on the Varsity Tennis Courts, located on campus near the Kathleen and Tom Elam Center.

The Varsity courts feature 18 courts, six which are lighted. Several courts for recreational use are located nearby.

When inclement weather forces the Skyhawk tennis teams inside, they play in Skyhawk Arena where five courts are available in the 58,000 square foot arena. The multi-use recreation facility seats 7,000 persons. Special recessed slots in the walls allow moveable bleachers to be set up in a matter of minutes.

Skyhawk Fieldhouse

The Skyhawk Fieldhouse has been a cozy home for the Skyhawk volleyball team. The facility will seat 2,300 spectators for women's volleyball games. The "Home of the Skyhawks" features a hardwood floor and bleachers which circle the court area. All skyhawk home volleyball matches have no admission charge.

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